Sunday 27th October All Day Demo

Unfortunately the booked demonstrator GUY RAVINE had been taken ill and at the last minute we managed to get Wolfgang Schulze Zathau who did a good demo for us in September so we are grateful for his help in filling the day at such short notice.
Wolfgang made three items during the day a platter/bowl coloured black with a carved design,
A natural edged goblet from plum wood (lovely grain).
finally a lidded box with a supari nut Finial
Although only a total of 17 member’s attended the demo all thought it was well worth the day spent watching another good demo by Wolfgang, something of interest to all, tool presentation sanding and finishes where discussed and some new ideas to contemplate incorporating into new projects

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Turning the Supari (Betel) nut.

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The members gave Wolgang a good round of applause for a great demo as well as thanking him for standing in with less than a weeks notice.


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