Project & Gallery evening 21st October 2019

Another well attended interesting and as usual entertaining evening where members shared their gained experience discussing the timbers used, methods of production, sources of materials and finishes applied.

So much on display to inspire everyone with possible new projects. questions where asked answered and discussed and all contributors where applauded on completion of their presentation

The project task (Clocks, lamps & Mice) brought out a great selection of very innovative designs using LED lights, classic turnings for Tiffany style lamps, a ships wheel clock, small watch’s set into some beautiful timber as well as a duck carrying a timepiece. Mice where there also either lording it in a Windsor chair, eating their way through a wedge of cheese or poking their whiskers into who know’s what.


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The Gallery table was another good display of items, some made by our newer members showing pieces of which they should be justly proud.

Some beautiful dishes, Oval turnings, a charred bowl from an old oak stump, a steam engine from left over off cuts, a musical box with a sleigh on top, items turned in Corion & other alternatives to wood,simple xmas trees and walking sticks made using  a segmented construction.



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