Next Meeting 20th January Project & Gallery

This is a Project & Gallery night where members old and new are tasked to make something with one or more of the following themes which are chosen to allow all members to participate.
Some fruit a Bowl or a bowl of fruit.    A chance to show what you have produced since the last “HANDS ON” which was turn a fruit item.
THE GALLERY  is for all members to showcase their latest efforts and for our newer members their progress in the woodturning craft.
Discussion’s take place about the timbers used how the pieces are made & any problems encountered and resolved including errors & mistakes.

So come along, it’s usually a very informative and inspirational meeting with a great question and answer session as well as the usual light hearted banter.

Another chance to pick up long & perhaps hard learned lessons and ideas.

We are a very friendly club  promoting our craft so all visitors are most welcome.