Next Meeting Information. update 27th November.

Unfortunately Covid 19  and the latest government restrictions still mean no change to the clubs decision to cancel all meetings until it is safe for members to meet again.

It resulted in the premature cancellation of the Droitwich Heritage event, closing after only 3 days.

Thanks to Robert for organising the event & the Exhibitors for their displays

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Robert also informs us that the Heritage center has asked him to organise some more dates in 2021. so not all bad news!

Unfortunately there is no change to what you can read below, but we have set projects for members to complete every month.

Challenge for December      A Bud Vase

Challenge for November      A Christmas ornament

Challenge for October      A Figure Animal or Human

Challenge for September     A Pen for troubled Hands (Arthritic Pen)

Challenge for August  A Hanging Pomander

Challenge for July        A Cup & Ball

Challenge for June      A Racing Car

Please have a go and send your pictures to Alan Edwards to be shown on the lockdown page of the web site. His email address was sent by the secretary to all members on 25/5/2020.

With a vaccine still not yet in sight and the virus  taking hold again then we cannot see our club holding any Monday night meetings for the remainder of 2020 due to social distancing rules.

Hope you have all made your racing cars for the competition once we can meet again.

Please remember your colleagues who are also self isolating, why not give them a call to see how they are coping.

MEMBERS & VISITORS Will find recommencement information here on the web site.

Meanwhile Everyone Stay safe and be sensible.

Also with most of us in a lockdown situation there should be no time constraints in completing entries for the projects set this year I.e. A figure human or animal, bud vase or eccentric piece, & inside out  or off centre turning.

The committee  will also expect to see some new and innovative gallery items from both our new members and our  more proficient and artistic  turners.

So get too it Guys & Gals.Send pictures of any of your lockdown projects for inclusion in the new Lockdown page to Alan E.