5th September 2022 A.G.M + Project & Gallery Evening

Finally, the chairman was able to Hold the A.G.M.

23 members attended and after voting on several proposals the meeting continued with the original programme something coloured, textured or both.

Then the Projects.

An enjoyable evening had by all, some really good pieces of work completed, manufacturing methods explained, wood and materials described method of application & places to purchase. So good information & ideas for new and old members alike.

1st August a Hands on Night


We had the 4 club lathes out, manned by our lathe leaders to mentor and ensure the project was turned safely. It was unfortunate that only 19 members where able to attend on the night.

The project for the evening was turn a Hedge hog. a small off centre turning .

Also on the evening we finally  where able to give cheques  to the clubs charities collected from sales events & donations from sales of members tools & equipment.

The Droitwich Alzheimer’s Society  £500

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alan-p-presenting-cheque-to-droitwich-alzeimers-society.jpg
Accepting cheque and thanking club for donation

The Droitwich Waterways (Pamela May) Trust £500

4th July Inside Demo by Alan Edwards.

Alan chose to demo a flask ,first showing the marked out beech blank (2″X 4.25″ X 6.5″) with a hole pre-drilled for a screw chuck.

Between centres he cut a dovetail using a 1/2″ round skew then reversed the piece into the chuck jaws and roughed out the shape with a 3/8″ bowl gouge before drilling a 20mm hole with a carbide forstner bit and completing the stopper taper of 1mm over 20mm.

The outside was cut at 1600 rpm as 60% of the time tool was cutting fresh air so more air than wood was meeting the tool – the safest way is always to present tool first to tool rest, pick up the bevel then the cut. Alan attached, using double sided tape, a paper outline that made it easier for members to see the profile being cut on the screen.

  • Make dovetail
  • at 1500 R.P.M
  • carbide forstner bit

Re inserting the tail stock centre he finished, turned, sanded and put cellulose lacquer on the outside form. He then started a stopper forming the taper to match the flask and used it as a jam chuck to finish the base of the flask.

  • sand & polish

First time for a while we had a normal break with tea and coffee making facilities available plus biscuits thanks to Roy Hadland.

Mounting the blank on a screw chuck using the pre-drilled hole Alan then faced this side of the flask chamfering the edge to remove the rounded edge formed by sanding, hollowing out the inside of the flask with a Robert Sorby hollowing tool, bowl gouge & 1/2″ skew whilst maintaining the 52mm aperture ( the ideal diameter for standard chuck jaws) which was used to remount and finish hollowing from the other side.

Final actions were to finish the stopper using a jam chuck, decorating the surface using the “DECORATING ELF” by Sorby and making the two side panels 62mm diameter stepped to 52mm to fit the holes in the completed flask – again textured with the decorating elf.

A good evening enjoyed by all those present with plenty of the usual banter followed by questions and answers and Alan being thanked in the usual way.

Sunday 24th October All Day Demo by Emma Cook the Tiny Turner.

Emma is a professional wood turner and carver who does many exhibitions & club demo’s as well as her own live demo’s on the internet and YOU TUBE.

Emma welcomes members with a display of items she is going to turn

It was a well attended meeting. 22 members & visitors saw Emma turn and assemble 3 of her signature pieces, a snowman & Xmas hanging decoration with glass globes and LED lighting plus the Nordic viking or gonk

Her 4th item was the turning of a ball/sphere using two home made clamping jigs with silicon “O” rings to stop marking of the finished ball/sphere.

The meeting lasted from 10 AM to 4.30 PM. and many questions were asked and answered as the demo progressed. Colouring and gilding was also part of Emma’s presentation, members being able during the 3 breaks to have closer looks at the items & purchase all the items needed to make their own versions of the demo’ed pieces.

At the end all present thanked Emma for coming all the way from Yorkshire to give such an informative and entertaining demonstration,.

Members wishing to purchase any materials for the items demonstrated by Emma should visit her web page at https://www.thetinyturner.co.uk

20th September 2021

Phil Sheldon one of our regular club demonstrators produced a cake stand or Tazza with a square edged lip to the bowl.

Unfortunately due to the schools covid restrictions only 24 members could attend.

As the item was a suggestion from the chairman Phil had practiced the item only over the weekend and decided not to make it in one piece but 3.

A thoroughly entertaining and informative demonstration by Phil with plenty of questions and discussion throughout the evening about the tools being used their presentation to the work piece and the tool grind angles Phil prefers.

A great demo much appreciated by the unfortunately restricted membership who thanked Phil in the usual manner at the end.