Sunday 24th October All Day Demo by Emma Cook the Tiny Turner.

Emma is a professional wood turner and carver who does many exhibitions & club demo’s as well as her own live demo’s on the internet and YOU TUBE.

Emma welcomes members with a display of items she is going to turn

It was a well attended meeting. 22 members & visitors saw Emma turn and assemble 3 of her signature pieces, a snowman & Xmas hanging decoration with glass globes and LED lighting plus the Nordic viking or gonk

Her 4th item was the turning of a ball/sphere using two home made clamping jigs with silicon “O” rings to stop marking of the finished ball/sphere.

The meeting lasted from 10 AM to 4.30 PM. and many questions were asked and answered as the demo progressed. Colouring and gilding was also part of Emma’s presentation, members being able during the 3 breaks to have closer looks at the items & purchase all the items needed to make their own versions of the demo’ed pieces.

At the end all present thanked Emma for coming all the way from Yorkshire to give such an informative and entertaining demonstration,.

Members wishing to purchase any materials for the items demonstrated by Emma should visit her web page at

20th September 2021

Phil Sheldon one of our regular club demonstrators produced a cake stand or Tazza with a square edged lip to the bowl.

Unfortunately due to the schools covid restrictions only 24 members could attend.

As the item was a suggestion from the chairman Phil had practiced the item only over the weekend and decided not to make it in one piece but 3.

A thoroughly entertaining and informative demonstration by Phil with plenty of questions and discussion throughout the evening about the tools being used their presentation to the work piece and the tool grind angles Phil prefers.

A great demo much appreciated by the unfortunately restricted membership who thanked Phil in the usual manner at the end.

11th-12th September Hartlebury Castle.

A weekend sales and demonstration event organized by Robert Shepherd which was located in the old kitchen block. It was a good weekend as there was no entry charge to the castle so we had many visitors to view the items on sale by 7 members who had tables.

The work on the gallery table of not for sale items attracted a lot of attention and many visitors congratulated our members on the quality and variety of the work being displayed.

Alan E manned the demonstration lathe having some lengthy discussions about our craft & the club which hopefully might bring us new members.

In all a great weekend enjoyed by the members present & members who visited, good sales & request by the castle to come back again. SO A GOOD RESULT.

Monday 6th September A.G.M.

This was the first opportunity to hold a delayed A.G.M.

Held in the school dining hall which allowed for the full membership to attend safely under current covid restrictions.

A total of 22 members attended with 6 apologies recorded. these then became the members allowed to Phil’s demo.

after much discussion about public liability and its insurance a vote was taken and passed to keep the insurance as is which requires the members to follow new duty of care procedures.

The chairman thanked the current committee members who where willing to carry on, However a few had decided or needed to step down from their roles.So some new blood is required.

Alan Pattison volunteered to be the new treasurer along with his role of booking outside demonstrators.

Organising inside demonstrators NOT FILLED

CHAIRMAN currently required to be filled. unless a club member volunteers it becomes a constitutional problem requiring action at the next committee meeting.

Monday 16th August External demo in our normal meeting room, restricted to 24 members due to school covid rules.

The nights audience

Tony Jones was the external demonstrator from the local Bescot wood turning club he also teaches wood turning.

He demonstrated one of his signature pieces a thin walled Vortex Bowl

Tony demonstrated the safe use of the lathe, correct presentation of the turning tools and a way to restrict sanding dust using a paste wax whilst applying abrasives.

The reasons for choosing the holding mechanism & his method of producing a 1.5 mm thick walled vessel.

In all an enjoyable evening for all present, some new knowledge gained by most members

who showed their appreciation to Tony at the end.