Monday march 2nd Pro Demo by Richard Findley

On the 2nd March 38 members welcomed Richard Findley the accomplished demonstrator and professional jobbing wood turner.
Richard’s chosen project for the night was his take on a “picture-Frame insert box” by Chris Stott. Richards box was walnut with a pewter insert.

The finished Walnut and Pewter Photo lidded box

Richard started by melting and pouring a pewter insert into a dry wooden mould. The insert incorporated a 18 mm diameter sprue which he used to hold the insert whilst turning and finishing after sufficient cooling had taken place. The highly polished finish was achieved by working thru the various sanding grits and a final polish with brasso (but “T” cut would do the same job).

Whilst turning the box Richard demonstrated hollowing end grain using a spindle gouge, and how to achieve a closefitting lid by making the male spigot very slightly domed,
and using a lot of patience. A Ray Key inspired lip defined the join between lid and base. The audience was also shown how to make, use and sharpen a negative rake scraper which was used to refine the finish inside the box.

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Richard kindly donated the box to our charity.

An extremely entertaining, informative and well-presented demonstration warmly applauded by the club members.

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Monday 16th March Project & Gallery

Roger During discussion of his project.

With Droitwich school still open for pupils and no staff or pupils currently in self isolation, we held our project and gallery evening all beit with a limited number of members due to Covid-19. Members were invited to make “something reverse turned(inside out) or off centre turned”. You will see from the photo’s that there were a good number of items entered. Each member presenting their contributions.
The gallery again was well represented with items ranging from segmented to spiral to router-cut examples.
During the evening there were quite a few questions and answer, when the attendees had the opportunity to ask advice & give advice on a number of aspects eg How to mark out and hollow spiral projects, pitfall’s to avoid in segmentation, and how to remove/avoid shadow marks from carnuba wax polishing. Along with the odd failure (learning by mistakes)



Monday 17th February

This was his first demonstration by our treasurer Robin K. who chose to turn a Bird House from a green/wet  log.

The Bird Box

Having completed the outside of the body, the emphasis of the demo was on hollowing the item & a number of different Hollowing tools were discussed & passed around for the members to compare.

Unfortunately time didn’t allow for one to be completed. However much was learnt & discussed by members about the possible problems regarding the Jaws/Methods of holding some very wet/soft freshly cut timber and the vast variety of hollowing tools on the market.

So a thankyou to Robin for an interesting and informative evening.

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20th January 2020

This project and gallery evening was a follow up after the hands on night ( turn a piece of fruit).

There was a really exceptional show of work on the theme of ,a piece of fruit, a bowl, or a bowl of fruit. Many of our new members showing how well they had progressed in the craft.

All the fruit was there Apples, Pears, Bananas, Lemons, Oranges, Cherries, Grapes & Plums.  Apples even made into small boxes.  So some real talent showing through.

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The Gallery table looked a little sparse as members appeared to have spent their time making items for the project table.

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It was another good evening with plenty of discussion.

Many questions where asked of the members as they talked about their displays what woods where used the finishing and colouring applied, so much knowledge was passed back and forth.

Members thought it a well spent & enjoyable evening, including the usual banter.

Monday 6th January 2020

It was another good evening where in response to a request from our newer members, Keith Drew one of our long standing club demonstrator’s with over 30 years experience in the motor trade using the same types of abrasives gave an in-depth demonstration in the use and various attributes of the vast variety of abrasives available that he’s used over the years. Keith emphasised the need for face masks against  sanding dust & also for those without an extractor a paste to use on the abrasive to reduce air born dust.

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Keith then showed on some pre prepared blanks the different finishes available to enhance the appearance of finished work, passing round the blanks with half sanded and finish applied to the other half for comparison purposes, he highlighted drying times, food & child safety aspects and product application differences.

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A lively discussion and answer session took place throughout the evening with a lot of experience being offered & discussed by all those present including where to buy the finishes at a cheaper price.

Keith was given a generous round of applause for a very informative evening, where even our more experienced turners had garnished some new knowledge.                           so well done Keith