4th July Inside Demo by Alan Edwards.

Alan chose to demo a flask ,first showing the marked out beech blank (2″X 4.25″ X 6.5″) with a hole pre-drilled for a screw chuck.

Between centres he cut a dovetail using a 1/2″ round skew then reversed the piece into the chuck jaws and roughed out the shape with a 3/8″ bowl gouge before drilling a 20mm hole with a carbide forstner bit and completing the stopper taper of 1mm over 20mm.

The outside was cut at 1600 rpm as 60% of the time tool was cutting fresh air so more air than wood was meeting the tool – the safest way is always to present tool first to tool rest, pick up the bevel then the cut. Alan attached, using double sided tape, a paper outline that made it easier for members to see the profile being cut on the screen.

  • Make dovetail
  • at 1500 R.P.M
  • carbide forstner bit

Re inserting the tail stock centre he finished, turned, sanded and put cellulose lacquer on the outside form. He then started a stopper forming the taper to match the flask and used it as a jam chuck to finish the base of the flask.

  • sand & polish

First time for a while we had a normal break with tea and coffee making facilities available plus biscuits thanks to Roy Hadland.

Mounting the blank on a screw chuck using the pre-drilled hole Alan then faced this side of the flask chamfering the edge to remove the rounded edge formed by sanding, hollowing out the inside of the flask with a Robert Sorby hollowing tool, bowl gouge & 1/2″ skew whilst maintaining the 52mm aperture ( the ideal diameter for standard chuck jaws) which was used to remount and finish hollowing from the other side.

Final actions were to finish the stopper using a jam chuck, decorating the surface using the “DECORATING ELF” by Sorby and making the two side panels 62mm diameter stepped to 52mm to fit the holes in the completed flask – again textured with the decorating elf.

A good evening enjoyed by all those present with plenty of the usual banter followed by questions and answers and Alan being thanked in the usual way.

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