20th March Show and Tell

This evening all members were invited to bring in projects that they have been working on or, tonights theme, something from YouTube. They would then discuss their methods of working and problems they’d encountered. Roy kicked off the evening with a follow up to his recent demo on pen making.

Our MC Russell then introduced a number of diverse projects from the table in front of him which sparked some informative and lively debate in the room.

Next an impressive contribution from Eugene – a competition standard chess set that he had made as his first turning project (putting many of us to shame with the quality of it!!). He had even designed and built his own tools to ensure uniformity of the pieces. Well done Eugene!

The evening was concluded with contributions from two of our more experienced members Roger Borwell and Alan Edwards.

As Alan mentioned on the night this was one of the best Show and Tell’s the club has had with many contributors and a wide variety of woodturning experiences that we can all learn from.

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