6th March Internal Demo

Hollowing a thin – walled vessel with Phil Sheldon

Phil began his demo by roughing down a green ash log to round and explaining the various tools and techniques he uses to do this. He followed this by making a longer than usual spigot in order to mount the wood securely into his jaws.

Once the piece had been mounted securely Phil began to hollow the inside of the vessel with a variety of cutting and scraping tools whose functions he explained as he went along.

Now satisfied with his finish after sanding he then inserted his homemade lighting rig (mounted into the tailstock) into the cavity. By the transluscency of the wood as he turned away material he could gauge the wall thickness as he shaped the outside of the piece.

The technique can be applied to any thin – walled vessel you would like to try. Alan Jones suggested checking out the work of Ole Jakob Nielsen for inspiration. Thanks to Phil for a hugely informative demo.

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