7 March

Pro Demo by Paul Hannaby

Colouring Bowls

A packed house welcomed the out – going chairman of the AWGB Paul Hannaby to our club. He set out to demonstrate to the members correct bowl -turning techniques followed by his signature methods of colouring those bowls. He began by turning the outside of the bowl using a spindle gouge (and explained his choice of tools and techniques for avoiding tear – out and achieving a professional finish as he went along).

With the outside completed he then showed us various methods of applying gesso to the surface as a base for spraying with acrylic colours. He demonstrated his knowledge of techniques and equipment which he has built up over 20 years of experimentation with the medium and then turned away the middle taking care to show us of his methods of achieving a smooth final result.

With the remaining time he turned the outside of a piece of oak and then use a vinegar/steel wool solution to darken the wood prior to applying a paste on top. When the excess was removed using paper towel a very attractive finish remained.

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