21 Feb

Inside Demonstration by Roy Hadland

Tonight Roy demonstrated how to turn a cocktail stick holder in beech – one of the many items that he regularly sells at local craft fairs.

He began by handing out a detailed drawing of the various components that he would turn during the evening which was very useful for the audience (and to Roy as people called out the measurements as he went along!). He then proceeded to turn a conventional box – lid first and then the body which he drilled with a Forstner bit. All the time he was giving the audience little tips from his vast experience about the best way to achieve a professional result.

In the second half of the demonstration he showed us how to turn and construct the inner cocktail stick holder and why the design was configured the way it was. And finally the tricky bit – the finial. This is Roy’s version but he did say that there was much scope for invention!

Our thanks to Roy for a very informative evening .

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