August 15

Pro External Demo by Bryan Milham

Tonight’s meeting was a demonstration of various texturing and colouring techniques by Bryan Milham. Bryan is a production turner of 20 years experience and this showed in a fast – paced, funny and very informative romp through this vast field.

He began by making a basic (unhollowed) vase from poplar into which he indented a panel. He then masked off the rest of the vase and randomly applied glue with a glue gun to the area. The panel was then sprayed with ebonising lacquer and finished with metallic paste.

While the glue dried he showed us his method of applying metal flakes to a bowl he had previously coloured with Jo Sonja’s iridescent paints.

The quickfire exchanges continued after the break when Bryan showed us some of his influences and various experiments that he had tried to replicate these.

His final project was a small sycamore vase with flowers to go in it made from green hazel but with an intriguing twist to the tale!

And the twist?

Our thanks to Bryan for his whirlwind presentation and for the challenge he threw out to produce work inspired by his talk. Over to you members!

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