4 April

Inside Demo by Geoff Davis

Square Lidded Box with texturing and colouring

Geoff began by drilling a small hole in the piece to help with registration further down the line. He then parted off the lid and drilled out the main body with a Forstner bit (a bargain buy from Amazon!) He finished the aperture with a box scrapper which he explained is a much under – rated tool for this (and other) jobs before fitting the two parts together.

After the break he then showed us all his custom made chuck for holding this square piece while he used a texturing tool on the inside of the lid. He then assembled the box and drllled 2 – 3mm holes in the sides ready to accept an insert but unfortunately Geoff had left these in a box at home (along with his marbles and superglue!)

With the box now completed Geoff then demonstrated his technique of texturing the outside of the piece with a Dremel before painting with iridescent paint.

I think everyone who was there would like to thank Geoff for such an entertaining and informative demonstration – and bang on time as well!

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