October 17th Project and Gallery

The evening began by Geoff introducing the project for the night – Making a Xmas Decoration – and then delegating the MC duties to his new assistant Russell! Chairman Alan showed an impressive range of ornaments and explained the techniques involved in making them.

Geoff then continued the theme in his usual amusing fashion.

The baton was taken enthusiastically by Russell and Alan Jones with Roy finishing up a very interesting section of the evening by describing how he made his pagoda tealight holder.

After the break a few members shared their experiences of turning a variety of objects. Novice turner Brian showed us 2 items made from spalted beech and the problems he’d encountered. Steve showed a trio of off – centre bowls in sycamore. More accomplished segmented bowls shown by Geoff and Roy rounded off an interesting selection of work.

October 3rd Demo by Phil Sheldon

Economy Bowl from light and dark blank

Phil began his demo by attaching the disc that he had previously made of alternate dark and light 1 inch square strips to a backing disc with heavy duty double-sided carpet tape. The sanded strips had been glued with PVA and clamped together.

With a home-made jig he then made 3 cuts at 55 degrees to produce 4 rings

The rings were then sanded and checked for flatness before gluing them together. The resultant ‘bowl’ was then glued to a sacrificial block ready for turning. A further support was added at the tailstock.

Phil then began to turn the bowl with a bowl gouge – inside first – using only push cuts. The centre was finished off with a BCT hollowing tool before switching back to the bowl gouge to complete the outside.

The finished item.

A big thanks to Phil for an interesting and informative evening!

5th September 2022 A.G.M + Project & Gallery Evening

Finally, the chairman was able to Hold the A.G.M.

23 members attended and after voting on several proposals the meeting continued with the original programme something coloured, textured or both.

Then the Projects.

An enjoyable evening had by all, some really good pieces of work completed, manufacturing methods explained, wood and materials described method of application & places to purchase. So good information & ideas for new and old members alike.

August 15

Pro External Demo by Bryan Milham

Tonight’s meeting was a demonstration of various texturing and colouring techniques by Bryan Milham. Bryan is a production turner of 20 years experience and this showed in a fast – paced, funny and very informative romp through this vast field.

He began by making a basic (unhollowed) vase from poplar into which he indented a panel. He then masked off the rest of the vase and randomly applied glue with a glue gun to the area. The panel was then sprayed with ebonising lacquer and finished with metallic paste.

While the glue dried he showed us his method of applying metal flakes to a bowl he had previously coloured with Jo Sonja’s iridescent paints.

The quickfire exchanges continued after the break when Bryan showed us some of his influences and various experiments that he had tried to replicate these.

His final project was a small sycamore vase with flowers to go in it made from green hazel but with an intriguing twist to the tale!

And the twist?

Our thanks to Bryan for his whirlwind presentation and for the challenge he threw out to produce work inspired by his talk. Over to you members!

1st August a Hands on Night


We had the 4 club lathes out, manned by our lathe leaders to mentor and ensure the project was turned safely. It was unfortunate that only 19 members where able to attend on the night.

The project for the evening was turn a Hedge hog. a small off centre turning .

Also on the evening we finally  where able to give cheques  to the clubs charities collected from sales events & donations from sales of members tools & equipment.

The Droitwich Alzheimer’s Society  £500

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alan-p-presenting-cheque-to-droitwich-alzeimers-society.jpg
Accepting cheque and thanking club for donation

The Droitwich Waterways (Pamela May) Trust £500