17 January

Tool Sharpening Masterclass

Tonight was a chance for new and old members to benefit from the expert advice and experience of senior members in the essential methods of keeping your tools sharp. Phil, Alan and Roy demonstrated their own set ups and techniques for keeping a good edge on a range of tools. Unfortunately they would have been joined by Keith but he had car problems! Hope they have been sorted out!

Roy’s Setup

Alan’s Setup

Phil’s Setup

6 December Internal Demo

Emerging Bowl

One of our members Robin Kalinowski, under the watchful eye of Geoff, tonight demonstrated how to turn an emerging bowl – a very ambitious project in the time available!

He began by hollowing two bowls in the centre of two identical rectangles of salvaged sweet chestnut with a 50mm router bit. This produced 2 sections that were then glued together face to face using superglue

With the two sections glued Robin then suggested various methods of securing the resulting rotated rectangular block into the chuck. Members also offered advice on further ways to ensure that the two pieces didn’t come apart during turning. Robin then carefully turned the end of the block to a circle which reveals the bowl (x2).

The finished item – a creditable result considering the time allowed and that this was only Robin’s second attempt at this tricky project (and indeed at demonstrating in front of an audience). So, well done Robin!

Sunday 24th October All Day Demo by Emma Cook the Tiny Turner.

Emma is a professional wood turner and carver who does many exhibitions & club demo’s as well as her own live demo’s on the internet and YOU TUBE.

Emma welcomes members with a display of items she is going to turn

It was a well attended meeting. 22 members & visitors saw Emma turn and assemble 3 of her signature pieces, a snowman & Xmas hanging decoration with glass globes and LED lighting plus the Nordic viking or gonk

Her 4th item was the turning of a ball/sphere using two home made clamping jigs with silicon “O” rings to stop marking of the finished ball/sphere.

The meeting lasted from 10 AM to 4.30 PM. and many questions were asked and answered as the demo progressed. Colouring and gilding was also part of Emma’s presentation, members being able during the 3 breaks to have closer looks at the items & purchase all the items needed to make their own versions of the demo’ed pieces.

At the end all present thanked Emma for coming all the way from Yorkshire to give such an informative and entertaining demonstration,.

Members wishing to purchase any materials for the items demonstrated by Emma should visit her web page at

Nov 1st Hands On Evening

A great evening with an opportunity for some of our newer members to be mentored by our experienced lathe leaders in some of the basic skills.

Steve, Ivan and Keith demonstrate how to turn a scoop

Phil keeps a watchful eye on a new bowl turner and offers lots of handy tips about how to present the tools correctly

Alan Edwards demonstrates the basics of beads and coves on the clubs 4th lathe set up

Oct 18 Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and Fixtures

Some of our talented members demonstrate a few of the ingenious solutions they have devised to solve the many problems that arise in our craft.

Roy Hadland demonstrates various jigs that he has designed and made

Roger’s 3 point steady