16th January Tool Sharpening

First of all can we extend a very warm welcome to all of our new visitors. We hope this evening was interesting to you. Tool sharpening is one of the cornerstones of our craft and mastery of this will vastly improve your turning so it is appropriate that we kick off the new year with it.

Thanks to Alan, Phil and Roy for demonstrating the different methods that can be used to sharpen our tools.

December 5th

Pen – making Demo by Roy Hadland

Roy began his demo by drilling his blank to accept the tube which he then glued into place and mounted on the lathe between centres. Using a spindle gouge he then shaped the barrel of the pen before sanding.

After the break Roy re – mounted the piece between home – made plastic lugs in order to protect the lathe from the Superglue. He then proceeded to show us his method of applying 7 thin coats of Superglue, based on his long experience of making pens, and his finishing routines.

Finally he assembled the pen using his trusted Beaufort Ink kit although, due to the stress of finishing on time, he did put the clip on the wrong end of the barrel! We’ve all been there Roy!

Many thanks to Roy for one of the most interesting demos of the year!

And finally a Merry Xmas to all. See everyone in the New Year.

Sunday October 23rd

All day Demo by Jason Breach

On Sunday the club welcomed Jason Breach for an all-day session where he demonstrated a number of his signature pieces.

First of all he showed how to make some relatively simple pieces – a mushroom an apple and a pear.

Another of Jason’s signature projects is the solitaire game which requires identically sized spheres of different woods. Turning between centres he used a modified hole saw to achieve this.

He then made a larger sphere & incorporated a clock mechanism.

He then made a Sphericon Box using more specialist jamb chucks.

Having made a spherical box Jason made another special jamb chuck to complete the Sphericon shape. Its feature is that the 2 halves can rotate 90 degrees and still have matching surfaces. (Needs accurate turning)

Jasons final item the “Pagoda” Box

Jason’s demo lasted from 10.00am to 4.00 pm with plenty of discussion about the use of jamb chucks. tools used and their presentation to the work pieces, finishing his pieces and finishes he prefers.

In all a very interesting and informative demonstration, well received by our members and some invited from other clubs, Jason was thanked in the usual way.