Members Lockdown projects.

Members Lockdown Projects

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10th July  Geoff. Davies some more delightful characters.

Thought it was time I showed you how I’ve been wasting my time 🐈🦉

Owl & pussycat
Owl & Pussycat

13th June Roy Hadland’s Group of Bottle stoppers.

Bottle stoppers from Pro Craft
Made from Yew ,Lacewood, Walnut Goncalo & Alcestis

28th May  Keith Manvel’s colour enhanced bowl.

Sycamore Bowl 7.5″ Dia X 3″ Chestnut Colours & Hampshire Sheen finish

8th May  Barry Burgess gets the seal of approval.

24th March   Alan E.   Gonks Gallore

Gonks gallore
Commission from the grand kids.

24th March   Roy Hadland has created another 265 piece segmented bowl.

Roy Hadland
Ash Beech & Cherry with a Sycamore Base.

27th February  Alan E.  used up thin strips of a variety of woods to produce these 3 economy bowls

21st February Geoff. Hulland A delightfully modern pair of Tea Light holders

Geoffrey Hulland
Pair of Cherry Tea light holders. To grace any dining table

28th January  Rick Fenson’s trio of  pieces

18th January Alan Quine finally got round to using stock from his wood pile.

11th January Robin Kalinowski’s Oak Burr from Burcot’s Xmas Raffle

5th January  Robert Posselt’s  bowl with beautiful graining

4th January Keith Manvell’s xmas gift pens.

4th January 2021  Stephen Moore’s New residents

Steve M1
A unique colourfull part turned woodpecker.

30th December Roy Hadland 265 piece bowl.

Base is Ash Segments Paduak and Beech

24th December Geoff’s  Festive Reindeer

G. Davies Rheindeer
Dasher and Dancer all ready for tonight, But we can’t find Rudolf, any one seen him.

11th December  Barry Burgess Xmas candlestick ornament

Barry B5
Lovely Oak candlestick

2nd December Russell Sterry 2 bowls and a Beautiful Bee.

21st November Robert Posselt 4 bowls with embellishments.

18th November Alan Quine

11th November G. Hullands lovely version of a Les Symonds Troika Box.

from Woodturning Magazine issue 349

9th November Roy Hadland some unique pens lovely gift items.

The pens are Levece from beaufort ink

Stephen Moore 8th November  decision on finishes.

Kieth Manvell 2nd November. 1st attempt at a pen.

K Manvell
Reclaimed oak from old shelf.

Barry Burgess 28th October A carousel

Barry’s Carousel

15th October  Russell Sterry.

August 26th. Another entry from Norman Clare.

Geoffrey Hulland  August 21st  Lidded Sycamore Goblet

Geoff.H 5
Iridescent paint highlights the barley twist ,Finial & the embellished band on the cup.

Alan E.   Aug 21st      Too many Grand kids to treat equally.

Geoff Davis Aug 20th   Fairy house for a family member.

Geoff Davis 9th August.  All’s Well

Panic over
All back together. Trip aborted as Gretna Green closed due to covid 19.

Geoff Davis 8th August  Bill Distraught.

Bill left on his own.
Ben has run off with little weed, Rumour is they are heading to Gretna Green

Alan Edwards. 6th August  Stacked pic. shows original block structure.

Keith Manvell 28th July  wood Yew,   Keith’s 1st turning since his eye op.

Norman Claire 26th July.   Wood is Yew

Norman Claire
First attempt at off-set turning

Barry Burgess 22nd July   An all wood Dragonfly. Beech body & leaves. Bubinga Bull rush & eyes Sapele Wings.

Barry B
Barry’s Dragonfly

Geoff Davis 14th July.    Made from Blanks from Reg Sherwin sal;es.

Robin K.  4th July. finished bird box from his in house demo night

Steve Moore 30th June

Steve M.
Solution to a crack

Geoff Hulland  2nd June Garden people Plus.

Barry Burgess 2nd June   Unidentified flying birds.

Alan Edwards 11th June  Home made Threading jig

Alan Edwards 3rd June

Geoff Davies 2nd June Lord Montague & Hippos

Geoff Davies 2nd contribution.  Mirror for Daughter.

Geoff’s 3rd  contribution his shed companion.

Geoff Davis shed company
She doesn’t talk much

Roy Hadland  30th May  Been very busy lovely work.

K.Drew first to send pictures 27th May