Lock down Chairman & Committees Challenges.

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 July’s challenge is an inside out turning. 

16th July Barry B’s  “A Haven in the darkness” 3 sided creation.

10th July  Alan E’s  items

July 6th Barry B’s Vase that leaks.

Barry B inside out vase
Sycamore 2 1/4″ dia X 7″ tall

June Challenge A Lithesome Lady or eccentric turned piece.

June 22nd Barry B’s  New Babes on the block.

June 20th Barry Burgess’s offset turned piece with twist.

Off centre Twisted box
Maple lid Body Beech
Twisted Box
Shows 3 sided shape generated by offset centers on a 20 mm Dia

June 16th  Alan Edwards Lithesome lady

Lithesome lady
10″ tall Ash with Mahogany base & hat

June 2nd Alan Edwards   Beech eccentric box.

eccentric box
Box 2 1/2 inch Dia 6 inches tall.

May Challenge A Natural edge piece.

May 25th Geoff. Hullands  bowl + pyrography.

Geoff Hullands Natural Edge
7″ dia X 3″ Ash bowl with burnt decoration

12th May  Barry B’s  Huge mushroom.

Barry B Mushroom
Head Rowan Stem Silver Birch

May 7th Alan E.  Lovely colorful piece of Yew.

April Challenge  Something out of a Wood turning Magazine or article

April 26th 3 Lovely items from Geoff. Hulland  from articles by Stewart Furini.

April 17th A domed Mosque Box by Barry B.

April 16th  Alan E. Sq Box wood turning Magazine 341 Page 43.

April 12th A Teapot turned by Geoff. Davies & painted by Carole.

Geoff.D Teapot
Clarice Cliff from wood turning Magazine. Decorated By Carole

March Challenge  Easter related (Eggs, Bunny, Chicken, Bonnet)

March 23rd.  Alan E     On EGG guard Duty.

Gonk Guard
On watch guarding the EGG.

March 17th  Geoff. Davies  first Easter related projects, Beautiful set of egg boxes

March 5th  1st response to chairman’s 2nd challenge Sushi Pagoda House roof. instructions to be found on next meeting update page.

Alan E.

February Challenge    Something with a finial.

19th February  Another Barry B  offering .from Revolutions December 2020

A Twisted Box

8th February  Barry B’s  Finial offering.

6th February  Alan E. a lidded box

Alan E  Finial Challenge
6″ tall lidded box X 2 3/8″ dia. Yew Melamine Lacquer finish.

January 2021 lockdown Project an item of jewellery

21st January  Geoff. D’s wife got an unexpected present due to January club project.

8th January 2021 Alan E.

Alan E.
Spalted beech. Melamine finish. 2 Bangles & 3 pendants made from 1 blank 4.5″ dia. X 3″

December lockdown Project  A Bud Vase.

18th December Barry Burgess.

16th December Geoff. Davies

Geoff D Xmas Bud Vase
Delightful xmas themed bud vase.

7th December Alan Edwards

November lockdown Project  Xmas Ornament Figure Or Toy

28th January  Rick Fenson’s delightful Tree Baubles

Rick 1
Tree ornaments Pine & Mahogany

28th November Barry Burgess Ding Dong.

26th November  Geoffrey Hulland these Santa’s ready to go whatever the weather

November 24th Geoff Davies Xmas castle

G.davies xmas Castle
Another lovely creation by Geoff.

November 2nd. Alan E.

October lockdown Project  Figure Human or Animal.

23rd October  Geoff Hulland.  Lovelly Hippo’s

16th October Alan E.     Little duck finally found by Mom.

15th October Russell Sterry.  see his other projects in members lockdown projects.

13th October Geoff. Davies  Owl & Naked Santa

October 10th Alan Edwards New Duck + mouse caught in cheese.

October 5th Alan Edwards

September lockdown Project  Pen for troubled hands.

September 14th.  Geoff. Davies

G.Davies pens
Geoff’s   2 with Celtic knots & a half eaten apple top

September 2nd Alan Edwards

Arthritic pen2

August Lockdown Project  Hanging Pomander.

Geoff. Hulland 21st Aug.  Body tough old Newel post , Lid Sycamore

Geoff.H 4

Alan Edwards 5th August

Alan's Pomander
Walnut from Reg Sherwin woodpile. Lower plug Paduak.

Barry Burgess 4th August.

Barry's Pomander
Beech & Bubinga

July lockdown projects ( cup and Ball) set by committee.

Vic Hanson   Ball Lemon wood  Rest Mahogany.

Geoff Hulland on 7th July.

Geoff Hulland
Car is oak & Wild Mango Cup & Ball Elder Walnut & Wild Mango

Geoff Davis 2nd July

Alan Edwards 2nd July Handle Lime, Cup Beech, Ball Teak.

June Lockdown project (Racing Car) set by committee

Vic Hanson   Car body Paduak  + what was available

Geoff Davis 7th July.

Lord Montagues le Mons Racing team.

Alan Edwards 18th June

Barry Burgess 16th June

Jonathan Dollin 16th June  Racing cars & Needle case

Peter Whittle  13th June Racing Cars  1st response to chairman’s challeng