Instructions for September Project

This is the last of what would have been the “hands on” projects after this it will be items from the project and gallery programme.

Pen for troubled Hands (arthritic Pen)

The only required feature is the cove immediately behind the biro point. (See Picture)

Which stops the pen slipping from your grip – behind this it’s your design.

 Or you could incorporate the feature using a propriety pen kit.

Materials Required.

Wood blank  minimum 18x18x 150

4mm or 5/32” drill

Bic BiroArthritic pen

  • 1) Having centred the blank, drill from both ends if you don’t have a long series drill, then turn, finish & polish your design between centres and make a plug for one end. Insert the Bic
  • 2) If you have a long series drill, drill 130mm deep. it can follow the grain & break out the side. So, ensure the grain runs the length of your blank if not follow 1) above