7th October 2019 A Jigs & fixtures evening.

Another good evening enjoyed by members old and new, Items being shown and discussed ranged from relatively simple & easy to make mandrels for rings, bangles or bracelets, a variety of 3 point steadies, circle cutting jigs up to the more technically challenging segmented ring assembly jig, Longworth chucks and a drum sander.

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The ingenuity and technical capability of our members was impressive, there was a good discussion on many of the items and the audience showed their appreciation for the gained knowledge being shared freely by our club members.

Well done to all of the contributors.

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Meeting 16th September

Last night (the 16th September) Alan Edwards, one of our own club members, presented an interesting demonstration
of “lattice circles” as inspired by the renowned David Springett. However Alan’s demonstration carried an interesting
and enlightening theme based on adapting Springett’s method to better suit beginners in wood turning, and how
to achieve a balanced piece with a somewhat more delicate piece.
A very informative and absorbing demonstration. I am sure we all learnt some new techniques to take to our workshops


Meeting 2nd September 2019

Wolfgang Schulze Zathau  was a guest demonstrator from the Black country woodturners.

He gave a entertaining and instructive demo turning a beech bowl with a decorated beaded rim embellished with spirit stains, answering questions as they arose whilst demonstrating the correct presentation of the tools he used as well has how to remove the chucking tenon from the base of the bowl using a face plate and soft foam matting to cushion the turned face.

The unfinished piece produced on the night.

Members thanked Wolfgang for the evenings demonstration, many having learned something new during the evening.

So Thanks Wolfgang.

Meeting 19th August.

Unfortunately this was a no meeting as the school did not open up the room for the evening and no contact could be made with the caretaker’s on the night so many members some who had travelled a fair distance had a wasted journey.

Fortunately  the night was not one where a professional turner had been booked to demonstrate so no major expense was incurred by the club.

This will however be taken up with the school as they are given the whole years programme in advance.


Meeting 5th August Hands On

The evening started with the presentation of a cheque for £588.18 by Robert to Charlie a representative of  our charity  “The West Midlands Air Ambulance” who stayed on to see what our club was about and watch the lathes being used.

Robert presenting a cheque £588.18 to Charlie from west-midlands air ambulance our charity for last year.

This was another good evening when all 4 of the clubs lathes where used to produce the nights project, A kitchen roll holder, chosen so that all members could have a go whilst being watched and mentored by Alan, Keith, Roy & Vic. 4 of the clubs lathe leaders.


All members who actually turned or watched the nights activity found they had achieved and learnt from project.

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15th July In house demo by Geoff. Davis

Another enjoyable, informative and as usual entertaining evening demo by Geoff who showed what could be turned from the odd bits of wood that you accumulate, he turned a small piece of yew eccentrically showing how it enhanced the grain pattern.

Then a mouse that had multiplied its family whilst inhabiting his work box showing the punch he had converted to produce the ears.

Followed by a vase from laminating 2 woods & finally a miniature goblet with a captive ring showing the home made jig he had made to hold the small square blank.



Although only 26 members made the evening Geoff received a good round of applause for his instructive, humorous and entertaining demo.

Well Done Geoff.