Monday 18 November

This was a bring and buy night.
A well attended evening allowing members to sell unwanted items, tools, wood, turning accessories at advantageous prices to the purchaser.
Also an evening when members could talk to the more knowledgeable club members about any tool,equipment or project problems they might be having.
So a good night.

Monday 4th November 2019

This was a hands on night where the 4 club lathes manned by the clubs lathe leaders mentored newer members in the safe and correct presentation of the tools to the workpiece, what tools to use for a particular cut or operation etc.

The nights project “fruit” where used as a simple item that could be completed by all.

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A night where our newer members some who have not yet even used a lathe got to get onto our lathes, watched over by the our lathe leaders.

All said they had learned something from the evenings activity, a number of Apples & Pears being completed or partly finished to be taken away for completion at home.


Sunday 27th October All Day Demo

Unfortunately the booked demonstrator GUY RAVINE had been taken ill and at the last minute we managed to get Wolfgang Schulze Zathau who did a good demo for us in September so we are grateful for his help in filling the day at such short notice.
Wolfgang made three items during the day a platter/bowl coloured black with a carved design,
A natural edged goblet from plum wood (lovely grain).
finally a lidded box with a supari nut Finial
Although only a total of 17 member’s attended the demo all thought it was well worth the day spent watching another good demo by Wolfgang, something of interest to all, tool presentation sanding and finishes where discussed and some new ideas to contemplate incorporating into new projects

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Turning the Supari (Betel) nut.

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The members gave Wolgang a good round of applause for a great demo as well as thanking him for standing in with less than a weeks notice.


Project & Gallery evening 21st October 2019

Another well attended interesting and as usual entertaining evening where members shared their gained experience discussing the timbers used, methods of production, sources of materials and finishes applied.

So much on display to inspire everyone with possible new projects. questions where asked answered and discussed and all contributors where applauded on completion of their presentation

The project task (Clocks, lamps & Mice) brought out a great selection of very innovative designs using LED lights, classic turnings for Tiffany style lamps, a ships wheel clock, small watch’s set into some beautiful timber as well as a duck carrying a timepiece. Mice where there also either lording it in a Windsor chair, eating their way through a wedge of cheese or poking their whiskers into who know’s what.


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The Gallery table was another good display of items, some made by our newer members showing pieces of which they should be justly proud.

Some beautiful dishes, Oval turnings, a charred bowl from an old oak stump, a steam engine from left over off cuts, a musical box with a sleigh on top, items turned in Corion & other alternatives to wood,simple xmas trees and walking sticks made usingĀ  a segmented construction.



7th October 2019 A Jigs & fixtures evening.

Another good evening enjoyed by members old and new, Items being shown and discussed ranged from relatively simple & easy to make mandrels for rings, bangles or bracelets, a variety of 3 point steadies, circle cutting jigs up to the more technically challenging segmented ring assembly jig, Longworth chucks and a drum sander.

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The ingenuity and technical capability of our members was impressive, there was a good discussion on many of the items and the audience showed their appreciation for the gained knowledge being shared freely by our club members.

Well done to all of the contributors.

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Meeting 16th September

Last night (the 16th September) Alan Edwards, one of our own club members, presented an interesting demonstration
of “lattice circles” as inspired by the renowned David Springett. However Alan’s demonstration carried an interesting
and enlightening theme based on adapting Springett’s method to better suit beginners in wood turning, and how
to achieve a balanced piece with a somewhat more delicate piece.
A very informative and absorbing demonstration. I am sure we all learnt some new techniques to take to our workshops


Meeting 2nd September 2019

Wolfgang Schulze ZathauĀ  was a guest demonstrator from the Black country woodturners.

He gave a entertaining and instructive demo turning a beech bowl with a decorated beaded rim embellished with spirit stains, answering questions as they arose whilst demonstrating the correct presentation of the tools he used as well has how to remove the chucking tenon from the base of the bowl using a face plate and soft foam matting to cushion the turned face.

The unfinished piece produced on the night.

Members thanked Wolfgang for the evenings demonstration, many having learned something new during the evening.

So Thanks Wolfgang.