Monday march 2nd Pro Demo by Richard Findley

On the 2nd March 38 members welcomed Richard Findley the accomplished demonstrator and professional jobbing wood turner.
Richard’s chosen project for the night was his take on a “picture-Frame insert box” by Chris Stott. Richards box was walnut with a pewter insert.

The finished Walnut and Pewter Photo lidded box

Richard started by melting and pouring a pewter insert into a dry wooden mould. The insert incorporated a 18 mm diameter sprue which he used to hold the insert whilst turning and finishing after sufficient cooling had taken place. The highly polished finish was achieved by working thru the various sanding grits and a final polish with brasso (but “T” cut would do the same job).

Whilst turning the box Richard demonstrated hollowing end grain using a spindle gouge, and how to achieve a closefitting lid by making the male spigot very slightly domed,
and using a lot of patience. A Ray Key inspired lip defined the join between lid and base. The audience was also shown how to make, use and sharpen a negative rake scraper which was used to refine the finish inside the box.

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Richard kindly donated the box to our charity.

An extremely entertaining, informative and well-presented demonstration warmly applauded by the club members.

Find more about Richard at

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