Monday 6th January 2020

It was another good evening where in response to a request from our newer members, Keith Drew one of our long standing club demonstrator’s with over 30 years experience in the motor trade using the same types of abrasives gave an in-depth demonstration in the use and various attributes of the vast variety of abrasives available that he’s used over the years. Keith emphasised the need for face masks against  sanding dust & also for those without an extractor a paste to use on the abrasive to reduce air born dust.

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Keith then showed on some pre prepared blanks the different finishes available to enhance the appearance of finished work, passing round the blanks with half sanded and finish applied to the other half for comparison purposes, he highlighted drying times, food & child safety aspects and product application differences.

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A lively discussion and answer session took place throughout the evening with a lot of experience being offered & discussed by all those present including where to buy the finishes at a cheaper price.

Keith was given a generous round of applause for a very informative evening, where even our more experienced turners had garnished some new knowledge.                           so well done Keith

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