December 2nd 2019

A very entertaining and informative demo by Phil Sheldon one of our club demonstrators.

Phil produced a bowl explaining how the item was held, what tools he used & how they where presented to the work piece.

Then he proceeded to demonstrate different technique’s to enhance the quite bland blank that he had turned.

Highlighting carving both by hand and with a mini carver, removing the burrs with a mini blow lamp before spraying it all black then sanding to just leave the carvings black before spraying some spirit colours. he used mini scent spray bottles for each colour as his preferred method rather than an air brush or a mouth blown air brush as both the later require regular cleaning between colours.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He then finished off by spraying the piece with a gloss lacquer to bring out the colours.

A great demo with a good questions & answers session much appreciated and applauded by the members present

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